Seeking Auditions for two characters in a short film…

David Kazanoff — White male appearing to be in his 40s-50s. He will be mostly shot without a keylight, but with a strong backlight, bringing out the shape of the cheeks and jaw. Preferably casting actors with gaunt cheeks and slender builds. His attitude is aloof, calm, and indifferent, despite the gravity of his actions and words. He is the antagonist of this short film and carries the majority of dialogue, including several lengthy monologues (some of which will include voiceover for flashbacks, for which the actors are already cast).

Walid Rada — White or Middle Eastern male appearing to be in his 30s-40s. Exact physical attributes are not entirely important, but he is generally indistinct and hard to pick out of a crowd. As background, he is essentially a mid-level manager who sits at a desk all day and leads a monotonous life. His attitude during the film will shift broadly between panic, curiosity, sorrow, fear, and cautious acceptance. This role carries fewer lines, but vastly more emotional range.

This is an all-volunteer production, but we will be submitting to film festivals and it is an excellent opportunity for credit and exposure. The role will require 1-2 days of indoor night shooting and a couple rehearsals/table reads in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area.

Any actors interested should email headshots, a list of recent productions, and any clips, reels, or audition tapes to

Some test footage we shot for the flashbacks can be seen here:

This link contains a PDF of some lines for each character, for anyone seeking to make an audition tape: