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Active Measures: Part I

"Timely, gripping, and unbelievably authentic..."

In the winter of 1990, as the Soviet empire crumbled, a small Russian special forces team entered the dense forests of West Germany and buried an insurance policy.

In present day Iran, the United States' most valuable agent uncovers a devastating secret brewing deep beneath the country's mountainous terrain: In mere months, a faction of the regime's Revolutionary Guards will successfully assemble a nuclear bomb. As the full might of the American intelligence community is mobilized to stop it, the CIA's new director must confront a web of threats both at home and abroad, from a resentful White House chieftain, to a cunning Israeli spymaster, and the fearsome commander of the Iranian Quds Force.

In Moscow—after an oil trader with ties to the Kremlin is found burned alive in his Geneva home—an aide to Russia's adored and despotic president is caught between opposing powers. At one side is an eccentric billionaire with lofty dreams of reorienting Russia toward the West, and at the other is the autocratic strongman whose ardent quest for resurgence has brought Russia into a risky, open confrontation with NATO.

In Lebanon, the Syrian civil war that raged for years across the border has reached its bloody climax. Yet in its wake, a new menace comes crawling from the shadows to feast on the remains. A brilliant CIA officer in Beirut, working desperately to penetrate an exhausted Hezbollah, is first to recognize the danger. As she begins calling on deaf ears, it is only a matter of time until the drums of war start beating again in the Middle East—and now with the greatest terrorist the world has ever known leading the charge.

Warping the line between illusion and reality, amid a labyrinth of characters, plots and counter-plots that span the globe—from the halls of the Kremlin and the suburbs of northern Virginia, to the slums of Beirut and the back alleys of Tehran—comes a story of intrigue and betrayal, life and death, setting a collision course toward a firestorm that will consume thousands and blind a superpower.

Praise for Active Measures

"A sophisticated and masterfully written tale about the dangers of loose nukes, terrorism, and espionage." — Best Thrillers

"Timely, gripping, and unbelievably authentic, Matt Fulton’s debut novel is a powerful tour de force of international intrigue and conspiracy unfolding as the world moves inexorably toward war. To call Active Measures a modern-day Red Storm Rising would somehow fail to do justice to the magnitude of Fulton’s dark vision, which breathes fresh, epic life into the genre on a scale not seen since Clancy. Highly recommended." — Stephen England, best-selling author of the Shadow Warriors series

"Fulton’s precision research and effortless prose seduces readers into Active Measures' fascinating shadow war. If you like Clancy, you’re gonna LOVE Matt Fulton.” — Andrew Warren, author of Tokyo Black and Red Phoenix.